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DateJun 19, 2018 - Jun 19, 2019
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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Looking for an easy to understand course about payroll? If a business employs people or contractors, it can be very important to understand how payroll works.

This course teaches you:

1. The theory/fundamentals of payroll

2. How to process payroll in Xero.

3. How to process payroll in MYOB AccountRight.

This is a fully online course with a certificate that is suitable for users with a beginner or intermediate level of experience. If you are not an accounting expert, we highly recommend this course because using software such as Xero or MYOB AccountRight will save you an incredible amount of time.

Learning payroll is essential for most people looking for an office-based role or wanting to run their own business.

  • Easy online course for understanding payroll, with a certificate granted upon completion
  • Learn how to use software like Xero or MYOB to automate your payroll processes
  • Free software trial is available directly from Xero or MYOB
  • Learn through professionally written courses
  • Make use of practical exercises and realistic examples to assist your learning

Our instructors have put together a course that examines the essentials of payroll, including what payroll is and how to use software to process it. After learning how payroll works, we then include practical exercises to strengthen your learning.

Learning Xero or MYOB AccountRight through our course is straightforward. Please note this course focuses a greater emphasis on Xero’s payroll than MYOB. This is a fundamental level course.

Potential Career Pathways Include:

Begin this course today with Auckland College and you’ll learn payroll in no time. This course will teach you how to operate payroll for your own business or for an employer. You’ll work towards achieving an intermediate level of skill in the area.

Career pathways:

– Office Administrator
– Executive Assistant
– Business Manager or Director
– Administrator
– Company Owner
– Entrepreneur
– Book keeper

This course is best suited for people with basic-intermediate knowledge of accounting. If you have never used Xero or MYOB before, or done any form of accounting, we recommend you first check out our other great courses listed below:

Xero (General Course – Suitable for beginners to Xero)
MYOB AccountRight (General Course – Suitable for beginners to MYOB AccountRight)
Accounting & Book-Keeping (General/Introductory Course)


Section 1Introduction to Payroll & Payroll Process
Lecture 1Payroll
Lecture 2Payroll Process
Lecture 3Basic Payroll Concepts
Section 2Elements of Compensation
Lecture 4Introduction
Lecture 5Salary
Lecture 6Wages
Lecture 7Bonuses & commissions
Lecture 8Holiday pay
Lecture 9Overtime pay
Lecture 10Benefit allowances (accommodation, meals, or clothing)
Section 3Withholdings & Deductions
Lecture 11Deductions from pay
Lecture 12PAYE (Pay as you earn)
Lecture 13ACC Earners’ Levy
Lecture 14Fringe benefit tax
Lecture 15Child support & other court-ordered withholdings
Lecture 16Student loans
Lecture 17KiwiSaver
Lecture 18Employer superannuation contribution tax (ESCT)
Lecture 19Other withholdings
Section 4More Payroll Terminology
Lecture 20Net Pay
Lecture 21Minimum wage
Lecture 22Equal pay
Lecture 23Method and frequency
Section 5Payroll forms and reporting
Lecture 24Introduction
Lecture 25Payroll Entries
Lecture 26Wage records
Lecture 27MyIR Secure Online Services
Lecture 28Tool For Business
Lecture 29Schedular Payments
Lecture 30Are you an employer?
Section 6Payroll Process for Australia
Lecture 31Instroduction
Lecture 32Core Concepts
Lecture 33Payroll tax rates
Lecture 34Superannuation taxes
Lecture 35More Concepts Related to Payroll in Australia
Section 7Payroll Accounting Systems
Section 8Employer Responsibilities
Lecture 37Determine Your Employer Status
Lecture 38About Employees
Lecture 39About Contractors Receiving Schedular Payments
Lecture 40About Self-employed Contractors
Lecture 41Tax Implications of Other Payments
Lecture 42When You Employ for the First Time
Lecture 43Consider a PAYE Intermediary
Lecture 44Meeting Employer Requirements
Lecture 45How to Pay Your Staff
Lecture 46Handling Fringe Benefits
Lecture 47Information to Include in the Employer's Return
Lecture 48Verifying or Correcting an Employee's Tax Code
Lecture 49Correcting a contractor's tax rate
Lecture 50Penalties for Late Filing
Lecture 51Procedure if You Stop Employing
Section 9Xero Payroll Software
Lecture 52Introduction to Xero Payroll Software
Lecture 53Setting Up a Xero Payroll Account
Lecture 54Organisation Settings
Lecture 55Calendar Settings
Lecture 56Holiday Settings
Lecture 57Pay Item Settings
Lecture 58Adding Employees
Lecture 59Employee Details
Lecture 60Employment Details
Lecture 61Taxes
Lecture 62Leaves
Lecture 63Bank Accounts
Lecture 64Payslips
Lecture 65Pay Template
Lecture 66Opening Balances
Section 10Processing Payroll in Xero
Lecture 67Introduction
Lecture 68Setting Up a New Pay Run
Lecture 69Unscheduled Pay Runs
Lecture 70Taxes and Filing
Lecture 71Payroll Reporting
Lecture 72Paying Employees
Lecture 73Reconciling Payroll
Lecture 741.2.6 Special Section on Casual and Contractor Employees
Lecture 75Casual Employee
Lecture 76Adding Contractor Employees
Lecture 77The Employee Portal
Section 11MYOB Payroll
Lecture 78Payroll processing in MYOB
Lecture 79Setting up an organisation in MYOB
Lecture 80Running payroll in MYOB
Lecture 81Managing payroll under various circumstances
Lecture 82Conclusion
Section 12Xero Payroll Quiz
Lecture 83Xero Payroll Quiz
Section Quiz
Section 13Conclusion

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