MYOB AccountRight

TypeOnline Course
DateNov 1, 2019
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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MYOB is the world’s best known accounting software, and it’s appropriate for most businesses, whether small or large. This is a fully online course with a certificate that is suitable for users with a beginner or intermediate level of experience.

Learning MYOB is essential for anyone looking for an office-based role or wanting to run their own business.

  • Easy online course for understanding MYOB, with a certificate granted upon completion
  • Learn this great software to better manage your accounting and finances
  • Free software trial is available directly from MYOB
  • Learn through professionally narrated videos and access the course on your computer or mobile phone
  • Make use of practical exercises and realistic examples to assist your learning

This course is fantastic for basic to intermediate users – no prior knowledge of MYOB is required.

Our instructors have put together a course that examines the essentials of ‘MYOB’, including banking, reconciliations, sales, invoices, producing a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, inventory, bill payments and more. After learning how each section of MYOB works, we then include practical exercises to strengthen your learning.

Learning MYOB AccountRight through our course is straightforward – and we have now fully updated the course to include the ‘live’ version of MYOB, which has the latest cloud-based backend system with bank feeds. It’s fast, friendly and fun to use MYOB.

For Apple’s macOS users, this course is also suitable for learning how to use the Mac-exclusive MYOB AccountEdge. However, it does not include MYOB’s payroll feature.

Potential Career Pathways Include:

Begin this course today with Auckland College and you’ll learn MYOB in no time. This course will teach you how to operate MYOB for your own business or for an employer. You’ll work towards achieving an intermediate level of skill in the software.

Career pathways:

– Office Administrator
– Executive Assistant
– Business Manager or Director
– Administrator
– Company Owner
– Entrepreneur
– Book keeper

Section 1Introduction to MYOB
Lecture 1Instructions and Course Handbook
Lecture 2Introduction
Lecture 3Video Tutorial: Introduction to MYOB
Lecture 4Tasks to be Completed
Section 2Understanding the MYOB Interface
Lecture 5Command Centers
Lecture 6Actions Menu
Lecture 7Calendar (Date Entry)
Lecture 8Business Calendar
Lecture 9Calculator
Lecture 10Backup & Restore
Section 3Accessing the Demo Company
Lecture 11Introduction
Lecture 12Bonus Exercise: Creating Accounts
Lecture 13Video Tutorial: Chart of Accounts
Lecture 14Video Tutorial: Creating Inventory Items in MYOB
Lecture 15Video Tutorial: Creating Contacts
Lecture 16Video Tutorial: Entering Purchases of Stock
Lecture 17Video Tutorial: Recording Sales & Creating Invoices
Lecture 18Video Tutorial: Printing and Emailing Invoices
Lecture 19Video Tutorial: Producing Reports
Lecture 20Video Tutorial: Receiving Payments
Lecture 21Video Tutorial: Setting Prices and Conducting Stocktakes
Lecture 22Diploma in MYOB – Practical Exercises
Section 4Creating a Bill and Invoice
Lecture 23Creating a Bill in MYOB
Lecture 24Creating an Invoice in MYOB
Lecture 25Video Tutorial: Bills
Lecture 26Video Tutorial: Finding Transactions
Section 5Reconciling a Bank Account
Lecture 27Procedure for Banking Accounts (Bank Feeds)
Lecture 28Procedure for Banking Accounts (Manual Transactions)
Lecture 29Procedure for Banking Accounts (Download Statement Files)
Lecture 30Video Tutorial: Bank Feeds & Reconciliations
Section 6Tracking Due Invoices
Lecture 31Introduction
Lecture 32What is the Receivables Reconciliation Exception report?
Lecture 33Common Causes of Out-of-Balance Amounts
Lecture 34Transaction Directly Allocated to the Linked Receivables Account
Lecture 35A False Out-of-Balance
Lecture 36Changing the Opening Balance of the Linked Receivables Account
Lecture 37Changing the Linked Account for Accounts Receivable
Lecture 38Partially Deleted Finance Charge Transaction
Lecture 39Steps Needed to Find the Cause of the Out-of-Balance
Lecture 40Tasks
Lecture 41Accessing MYOB Help
Lecture 42Fun Reading Exercise
Section 7MYOB AccountRight – Quiz 1
Lecture 43MYOB AccountRight – Quiz 1
Section Quiz
Section 8MYOB AccountRight – Quiz 2
Lecture 44MYOB AccountRight – Quiz 2
Section Quiz
Section 9Conclusion