Diploma In Wine Making & Viticulture

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Diploma In Wine Making & Viticulture

This course is currently closed to new enrolments.

Paving a pathway for those wanting to excel in viticulture, vineyard management and wine-making, our expert course is ideal for those looking for a well-rounded learning option for wine and viticulture.

• The art of wine-making
• Grapevine cultivation
• Pest control, harvesting, wine manufacturing methods
• Canopy management techniques
• Nutrition facts of grapes, raisins, and more
• International considerations for viticulture
• Luxury wine tastes, storing wine, glassware, vintages, and more.

Unlike many other courses of this nature, our modern, revamped course focuses closely on the latest trends in viticulture, processing and an element of hospitality. The course leaders have designed this course to suit the growing requirements of those working in this industry for Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and beyond.

Careers this course may lead to include:
• Viticulturist
• Wine-maker
• Horticulturist
• Self employed or entrepreneur
• Senior event manager
• Senior tourism operator
• Restaurant or catering manager
• Hospitality operations manager

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