Diploma in Travel & Tourism

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Diploma in Travel & Tourism

This course is currently closed to new enrolments.

With more and more people travelling everyday, travel and tourism both continue to grow as well as well-paying and exciting industries. Demand has never been higher for employees who can deliver great results in the industry.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself working as a senior or middle level manager of a tourism site, or as a tour operator yourself, or perhaps a travel agent, this course will be relevant to you.

Learn all about:
• Data analysis and research related to tourism
• Tourism and business financing
• Raising capital for new tourism ventures
• Service design in tourism

Plus, engage in more advanced topics:
• Sales management in travel & tourism
• The relationship between hospitality and tourism
• Leadership and management styles
• Travel patterns and seasonal trends
• Essential marketing strategies for various destinations
•The fundamentals of intra-travel vs. inter-travel
The course has been well-written to suit those already in the industry, as well as those looking to join it. Many students have found travel & tourism to have excellent career progression opportunities with many well-paying positions internationally.

Potential career paths this may lead to:
-Government tourism minister or adviser
-Tourism manager
-Tour operator
-International Marketing manager
-Business owner or entrepreneur
-Events manager
-Sky diving site manager, tower tour manager,
-Super yacht worker, scenic flight operator, museum manager

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost. Auckland College does not provide NZQA or AQF courses.

A great course to learn more about this subject area and enhance your knowledge!

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