Diploma in Personal Fitness & Exercise Science

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Diploma in Personal Fitness & Exercise Science

This course is currently closed to new enrolments.

Exercise and personal fitness has continually grown year on year as a huge subject area of interest. The Diploma in Exercise & Personal Fitness is based around learning how to build muscle, gain cardiovascular fitness, create a healthy lifestyle and improve one’s nutrition.

By taking a holistic approach to fitness, students will learn how each of the aforementioned areas link with one another and allows them to become well educated in the field.

Students through this course will learn:

– The most common fitness related injuries
– Recovery treatments most recommented athletic injuries
– Specific measures to take in prevention of pain and injury

– Choosing weight and rep amounts
– What kind of muscle you want to build and how
– How to pace your weight lifting routine
– What order your exercises should be done in
– How often to train
– How to build core strength

– How to choose a cardiovascular exercise for your blood type
– What heart rate is about and how to use it to improve your fitness plan
– How to safely use targeted heart rates to burn the most fat possible

– Which foods support our chemical and metabolic systems best and which act as enemies
– The information you need to compliment your fitness program with the best foods and exercises for your body type
– How to choose better habits
– The importance of breathing
– How our biological clock influences our internal balance
– The ways unmanaged stress sabotage our fitness objectives

Course may lead to these career paths:
– Personal trainer
– Fitness coach or lifestyle coach
– Nutritionist
– Lifestyle expert
– Naturopath
– Self employed business owner or entrepreneur

The Diploma in Exercise and Personal Fitness is filled with various examples, explanations and guidance tips to help you master your learning.
Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost


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