Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

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Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

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The practice of using nutritional therapy as a means to treat, prevent, and protect against various types of health conditions can be traced back to ancient times.

Prior to the advent of nutritional therapists, many patients have dealt with the frustration of being told by a General Practice (GP) doctor or specialist that there is nothing wrong with them despite experiencing several symptoms. Nutritional therapists have been able to bridge the gap by focusing their diagnosis on the relationship between the symptoms that the patient is experiencing with his or her diet.

According to the Association for Nutrition a dietitian is someone who “uses the science of nutrition to devise eating plans for patients to teat medical conditions.” A nutritional therapist, on the other hand, is someone “who uses a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances, and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.”

Key topics of learning include:

• Principles of nutritional therapy
• Roles, responsibilities and limitations of a nutritional therapist
• Personalised nutritional programmes for patients
• Diseases and disorders that may be caused by genetics
• Using nutrition to prevent diseases or disorders at genetic levels
• Nutrigenomics
• Epigenetics and nutritional therapy
• Free radicals and antioxidants
• Orbitals and electrons, and their role in nutritional therapy

Potential career paths this course may lead to:
-Nutritional therapist
-Senior Dietitian
-Business owner or entrepreneur
-Shop or online business owner
Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost.


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