Diploma In Nutrition

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Diploma In Nutrition

This course is currently closed to new enrolments.

The Diploma In Nutrition puts students ahead with comprehensive knowledge around different areas of nutrition.

Students of this course will be able to learn scientific and nutrition related terms, food labels, components of a healthy diet, understand the connections between dietary choices and health, theoretical models and dietary recommendations, macronutrients, micronutrients, dehydration, vitamins, minerals,

You’ll understand more about cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, overweight, obesity, exercise and physical activity, how diet and exercise interact on, distinguish between light , moderate, vigorous physical activities, and identify some of each.

Potential Career Paths This Course May Lead To:
• Dietitian
• Nutritionist
• Executive catering sales manager
• Athletic or high performance coach
• Meal coordinator
• Food scientist
• Weight management specialist
• Person trainer or executive coach
• Operations manager, area manager, regional manager
• Entrepreneur, owner, director, franchise owner

This course will give you the knowledge and the skills to understand the fundamentals of nutrition and allow you to get ahead in the industry.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for many years, or just starting out – you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd and solidify your experience with quality educational content that this course has to offer. 

All students will be required to complete a disclaimer.

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost.

This is not an NZQA nor AQF course.


Information offered in this course should not be taken as medical advice and/or medical training. Always seek professional medical advice from a healthcare professional before practising and/or receiving any treatment. Auckland College does not take any responsibility for any information on and/or from this site and how in which people accessing it use it. This course is meant as an introduction and provides you with the knowledge of this history of the subject. All information offered on this course is intended to support a practical course of instruction, which we do not offer. Any information contained in this course is not intended to be practiced unless further training is sought through another institution. All and any information offered is not intended to be used or applied in practice by those who have not undergone a practical course of training within the relevant fields. While care has been taken in the preparation of the information contained in this course, we do not and cannot guarantee its accuracy, its validity or if it is current. Anyone accessing this information does so at his or her own risk. It will be agreed that access indemnifies Auckland College and its associated parties from all and any injury, loss and/or damage in any form.

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