Diploma in Makeup Artistry

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Diploma in Makeup Artistry

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Humans have always been concerned about their beauty. For centuries different societies, tribes and peoples have used various techniques to beautify themselves. One such method which has probably surpassed all others and is in wide use today is the use of makeup.

Makeup artistry is a technique that makes use of light and dark shades and colors to highlight and contour our features, creating the illusion of better balance, proportion and any other desired effect. This course will provide an easy to understand guide which will start you on the road towards becoming a makeup artist, stylist or fashion expert.

Through this course, students will learn not just makeup artistry but also the business knowledge of succeeding in the industry:

– The importance of face, eye, eyebrow and lip shape in determining make up technique to use
– The different makeup application tools and methodology
– The right makeup base and foundation to use in accordance to skin condition and
– The proper application of makeup base and foundation

-The proper make up application based on facial shape
-How to create proportion in accordance to one’s specific features
-The different makeup looks in accordance to the time of the day and celebrated occasion

-Considering the skin tone and undertone when choosing the right makeup shade
-Understanding the basics in color theory through the study of color wheel
-Identifying which color are under warm and cool tone
-Creating a makeup application that will flatter one’s skin
-Various makeup artistry tools
-What to do to accentuate various eye, eye brow, eye lash and lip types.

Additionally, students will also learn about the makeup and fashion industry to cover off additional important topics:

-Know how to promote makeup services through social media platforms, giving business cards, word of mouth and other promotional forms.
-Sample business plan for starting and running a makeup artistry business.
-The qualities of a successful & good professional makeup artist.

-Understand the need to change makeup techniques depending on the occasion.
-Know facial makeup application tips, eye makeup and lips makeup.S
-Know why and how to undertake market research for the business.
-Differentiate between online and offline advertising

-The general flow of activities in the makeup indusrty.
-The important milestones, professionals and statistics relating to the makeup artistry industry.
-Strategies for succeeding in the makeup industry

Course may lead to these career paths:
– Makeup artist
– Stylist
– Fashion expert
– Self employed entrepreneur or business owner
– Fashion journalist or reporter

The Diploma in Makeup Artistry is filled with various examples, explanations and face charts to help you master your learning.

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost

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