3D Printing

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3D Printing is the future – allowing students to practically comprehend areas of design, mathematics, structure, business, manufacturing science and more. Businesses all around the world are now using 3D Printers to conduct modelling and design processes.

Our online diploma is easy to understand and focuses on teaching students
-What 3D Printing is, what the different types of 3D printers are
-How to create basic models using Sketchup – a free software for 3D modelling
-Understanding how to design houses, shapes and figures
-Preparing and printing a 3D Model

Students will be able to have a real world understanding of modelling, and will be taken back by the fascination of actually being able to see, feel and hold what they have designed.

This course is written to either be a full self-learning system, or support a real-world course of study at school or early university level. The course includes a combination of video and written content and is suitable for the beginner level.

A digital certificate will be available upon completion of the course. A printed certificate is available at an additional costs.

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Basics of Modelling
Lecture 2SketchUp: Coursebook – Fundamentals of Modelling
Lecture 3SketchUp – Relationship Between Edges and Faces
Lecture 4SketchUp – Inferences
Section 3Tools In Sketchup
Lecture 5SketchUp – Select Tool and Moving
Lecture 6SketchUp – Autofold
Lecture 7SketchUp – Copying with the Move Tool
Section 4Drawing Models
Lecture 8SketchUp – Drawing a Shed, Shadows and Styles
Lecture 9SketchUp – Rotate Tool
Section 5Structures & Houses
Lecture 10SketchUp – Mockup A House Part 1
Lecture 11SketchUp – Mockup A House Part 2
Lecture 12SketchUp – Drawing a Wall
Lecture 13SketchUp – Offsetting the Wall
Lecture 14SketchUp – Guide Lines and Interior Walls
Section 6Advanced Drawing
Lecture 15SketchUp – Extruding the Walls Up
Lecture 16SketchUp – Components in SketchUp
Lecture 17SketchUp – Creating Stairs
Section 7Course Book
Lecture 18SketchUp: Coursebook – Understanding the Interface
Lecture 19SketchUp: Coursebook – Building a Basic Model in Sketch-Up
Lecture 20SketchUp: Coursebook – Design and Layers
Lecture 21SketchUp: Coursebook – Rendering and Viewing
Section 8Using a 3D Printer
Lecture 22Introduction to 3D Printing
Lecture 23Creating STL Files From SketchUp
Lecture 24Generating an x3g file using ReplicatorG
Lecture 25How To Download SketchUp
Section 9How To Download SketchUp
Section 10Assessment Quiz
Final Quiz

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