WordPress MasterClass

TypeOnline Course
DateMar 17, 2015
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WordPress is currently the world’s leading content management system (CMS). It’s fantastic for developing websites, and in this course we teach exactly how to set up a WordPress website and manage it.

Choose this MasterClass course if you would like to learn expert tips on launching a WordPress website and managing or editing it. If you’re just looking to maintain WordPress for a business, or if you’re a marketer or employee, then you might be better suited to our simpler “WordPress For Work” course.
WordPress can be used to set up simple and complex websites. We’ll walk you through installation, development, blog posting and configuration.

Topics include:
-Setting up your WordPress website
-Adding posts, images and videos
-Installing themes
-An introduction to plugins e.g. message boards, shopping carts, contact forms
-How to regularly update the website
-Keeping your site secure
-Backing up your website

Career paths this may lead to:
-Website developer
-Business owner or entrepreneur
-Sales manager
-IT manager
-Graphic designer
-Marketing manager
Plus, our course has been designed to be suitable whether or not you currently have access to a WordPress website to practice on. Either way, you’ll be able to complete the course.
To set up WordPress you should have a PHP server with Softaculous. This isn’t a requirement to complete the course, but will help you make your learning more practical.

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost.

Section 1What is WordPress?
Section 2WordPress Setup and Installation
Section 3WordPress Content Publishing
Section 4WordPress Customization
Section 5Plugins
Section 6Securing WordPress
Section 7WordPress MasterClass – Quiz 1
Lecture 7WordPress MasterClass – Quiz 1
Section Quiz
Section 8WordPress MasterClass – Quiz 2
Lecture 8WordPress MasterClass – Quiz 2
Section Quiz