Master Diploma in Graphic Design & Adobe

TypeOnline Course
DateMar 17, 2015
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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Get ahead with our Master Diploma course in Graphic Design. By bringing creativity together with the more technical aspects, you’ll learn all about graphical and visual design, and how to use the industry’s most popular programs – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Demand for graphic design and the use of Adobe programs continues to grow for many employers across the world. Being able to use Photoshop to create graphics and re-touch photos, or inDesign to create brochures, books and flyers, or even Illustrator to create company logos – these skills are all growing in hot demand. In addition to that, understanding graphic design and what makes ‘modern design’ what it is, and the ability to achieve it yourself, is included as part of this course. Whether you’re looking to improve your creative skills, increase your prospects of employment or to simply learn a new hobby, this course can put you a step forward in the right direction.

In this course, you’ll be learning the principles of design, following which you’ll be taught all about UI/UX design, the latest trends in the scope of graphic design. Alongside these techniques, you’ll be begin to master Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – 3 of Adobe’s top software programs.

Course inclusions:

• Introduction to Graphic Design
• UI / UX – Designing for user experience
• Application of skills in the workforce, or your own business
• Adobe Illustrator lessons
• Adobe InDesign Lessons

You’ll learn how to:

• Create banners, logos, business cards, booklets, brochures and more
• Get inspiration for your own personal designs
• Apply these newfound skills in the real world

Potential career paths that this course explores:

• Advertising account manager
• Marketing manager
• Creative director
• Graphic designer
• Business owner, consultant, self-employed designer
• Pattern-maker

This course is suitable for learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign for aspirants at a beginner or intermediate level of experience.

Software: Free 30-day trial of Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign may be available from Adobe’s website.

Digital certificate will be included in the course fees. Printed certificates available at an additional cost.

Section 1Photoshop
Lecture 1Photoshop: Starting with Adobe Photoshop
Lecture 2Photoshop: Basic Photo Manipulation Techniques
Lecture 3Photoshop: Doing Selections in Photoshop
Lecture 4Photoshop: All About Layers
Lecture 5Photoshop: All About Masks and Channels
Lecture 6Photoshop: Types in Photoshop
Lecture 7Exercises
Lecture 8Project Exercises (Optional)
Section 2Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 1
Lecture 9Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 1
Section Quiz
Section 3Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 2
Lecture 10Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 2
Section Quiz
Section 4Illustrator
Lecture 11Illustrator: Getting started with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
Lecture 12Illustrator: Making Selection & Aligning
Lecture 13Illustrator: Working with shapes & Transforming Objects
Lecture 14Illustrator: Working with the pen/pencil tool & color /painting
Lecture 15Illustrator: Working with layers and applying effects
Lecture 16Illustrator: Working with type and brushes
Section 5InDesign
Lecture 17Indesign: Basic Workspace
Lecture 18Indesign: Master Pages
Lecture 19Indesign: Formatting and Handling Texts
Lecture 20Indesign: Working with Styles
Lecture 21Indesign: Making Use of Graphics
Lecture 22Indesign: Working with Tables
Lecture 23Indesign: Basic Flyer
Lecture 24Indesign: Booklet
Section 6Illustrator: Project Files Download Link
Section 7InDesign: Project Files Download Link
Section 8Quiz: Master in Graphics Design and Adobe
Final Quiz