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New Zealand and Australia Job Search Course

Key Features

• Learn the secrets about job searching in NZ and Australia
• Includes a Free Review of your CV done by a Certified CV Expert (normally $120)
• Downloadable worksheets, practice job interview questions, and more!
• Additional bonus audio recorded lessons and guides

Course Summary

Are you looking for a job in New Zealand or Australia? If you’re looking to succeed with your career in these countries, you need to know how to market your skills, experience, and talents correctly to get yourself the best opportunities. You may be looking to just get paid more, or find a new employer you really like, or work in a job with prospects you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking for a job right now or not, the key to finding success is making time and effort when searching for jobs, as well as making sure you are well prepared.

This course aims to introduce new ideas, as well as refresh you on best practices for handling your career. This guide will teach you about successfully finding a job in New Zealand and Australia by listing down tips, examples, tools and necessary resources. This guide will also assist you in determining how to better assess your employment situation (your capacities, abilities and aptitudes) that makes up your strong points, highlight it on your application, and align it with the job description and expectations. Increase you knowledge about the labour market and you increase your chances of securing an interview. Learn to choose the right tools that can help you prepare for the job even explore places where potential jobs and employers can be found.

Employment Secrets & Job Interview Guides

We will also explore ideas including networking as part of your job search. You should be open to evaluating where your skills and interests are right now, and making the best decisions for the next years of your career. You need to give a good impression from the start, and make the hiring process easy by being able to show your prospective employers that you are the best candidate for the job. After you have prepared the documents you need, you also have to be ready to handle interviews. Interviews can come at any time, and this is especially true for phone or Skype interviews. There is a lot of competition and you need to be able to make yourself the stand out candidate for the job that you want. We hope that you’ll find its advice and strategies useful, and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can to make your dream job in New Zealand and Australia a reality.

Audio Guides & Tutorials

Learn advanced tricks and techniques to secure more advanced positions in your career. You will learn tweaks that you can make to how you present yourself, common mistakes (and how to prevent them), and various tips to master more challenging interviews.

Free CV Review Included

With this course, a real person (Certified CV Expert) will review your CV and provide you with plenty of feedback on how to improve it. They will tell you where your CV has issues, how to fix them, and how to create a truly wonderful CV.

Section 1The Professional Niche In New Zealand and Australia
Lecture 1New Zealand labour market situation
Lecture 2Australia labour market situation
Lecture 3Where to position yourself in the market
Section 2Where to look for jobs?
Lecture 4Where to look for jobs?
Lecture 5Most Popular Job in New Zealand and Australia
Lecture 6Other Job Search Sources
Section 3Finding motivation
Section 4Evaluating your workforce skills and values
Lecture 8Evaluating your workforce skills and values
Lecture 9Common Interview Questions
Section 5Looking for the perfect match
Section 6Building A Strong CV
Section 7Acing the interview
Section 8Creating a job search diary
Section 9Advanced Career Lessons
Lecture 14Career Tweaks
Lecture 15Mistakes You Make That Employers Won't Tell You
Lecture 16Interview Mastery
Section 10Free CV Review