Diploma in NLP

TypeOnline Course

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) has been praised as one of the leading schools of thought around persuasion, conversation mastery and sensory awareness.

Byunderstanding NLP – that is,sensory awareness, we are able to different apply the information we transmit and receive when interacting with other people.

In this course, students will learn:

-Using persuasion techniques in conversation, relationships, sales, negotiation, work, business

-Social mastery, anxiety relief, contorlling emotional states and our internal thought processes

-Associating and diassociating with experiences and senses

-Creating empowering beliefs, representations and thought patterns

-Outcome thinking and personal control

-Reframing and leading someone to a certain point

-Behavioural flexibility

Our course is easy to understand and straightforward to apply with numerous example dialogues and practical examples. Overall – students will be able to combine the persuasive, emotional and psychological benefits of NLP and take steps towards applying them in the real world.

A digital certificate will be available upon completion of the course. A printed certificate is available at an additional costs.

Section 1Introduction to NLP
Section 2Using Rapport and Communication to Influence Others
Section 3Sensory Awareness in NLP
Section 4Outcome Thinking and Personal Control
Section 5Behavioral Flexibility
Section 6Creating Your Best Map
Section 7Quiz: NLP
Final Quiz