Diploma in Forensic Psychology

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Called by many as one of the most exciting career paths around, the Diploma in Forensic Psychology teaches you everything you need to know around the fundamentals of the subject. This is a short online course that makes it easy to learn the fundamentals.

Forensic Psychology makes an important contribution in ensuring that justice is delivered and the perpetrators are punished and corrected. A forensic psychologist will usually investigate and study crime scenes. Evidence, or even the lack of evidence, at a crime scene can often be used to develop a criminal profile. This can then be used to narrow down a list of suspects.

By performing forensic functions such as criminal profiling, crisis negotiations, behavioural analysis, risk predictions, and performance and competency measurement, criminal behaviour can be managed in a more scientific and informed manner. When it comes to civil matters, forensic psychology is used in child custody and abuse cases, personal injuries, discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, and divorce proceedings, to name a few.

Through this course students will learn:

– The applications of forensic psychology
– Evidence and various research methods
– The main approaches around offender profiling, as well as the problems with offender profiling and possible consequences
– Quantifying recidivism, re-offending and other risk factors
– The role of effective therapy to reduce recividism

– Crisis management and how forensic psychology can help
– Describing fire-setting behavior as an indicator of crime escalation
– Core theories around criminal studies pertaining to behavioural studies
– Understanding personality characteristics for various types of criminals
– The relationship between mental health and violence
– Ethics around forensic psychology and its development over time

With so much to learn, the Diploma in Forensic Psychology is an exciting study option in a fascinating area of interest. The course is supported by numerous examples, clear explanations and is written by experts in the subject matter.

Course may lead to these career paths:
– Forensic psychologist
– Detective
– Private investigator
– Prosecutor
Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost. Students must complete a disclaimer.

Section 1Introduction to Forensic Psychology
Section 2Research Methods in Forensic Psychology
Section 3Theories of Offending
Section 4Offender Characteristics
Section 5Offender Profiling
Section 6Forensic Psychology in Risk and Crisis Management
Section 7Forensic Psychology – Quiz 1
Lecture 7Forensic Psychology – Quiz 1
Section Quiz
Section 8Forensic Psychology – Quiz 2
Lecture 8Forensic Psychology – Quiz 2
Section Quiz