Diploma in Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop (otherwise known as just ‘Photoshop’) is an application widely used for editing images/photographs. It is a software used by professionals, as well as students, for almost any type of image alteration, from resizing a photo to creating high-quality graphics.

Mastering Photoshop has become almost essential for just about every type of computer user. If you’re a working professional you probably need to use Photoshop day to day to resize images or touch them up. If you’re working as a website or graphic designer, Photoshop also has a huge level of importance in manipulating and editing graphics for the web. And if you just happen to own a camera or smartphone and don’t touch Photoshop for work, you probably want to learn the program to learn how to edit photos and adjust them so they look great.

Photoshop has established a name as arguably the most reliable photograph modifying application and software for personal and commercial use.

This course will provide you with the professional skills you need to use the powerful features of Photoshop. Overall, through this course, students will learn:

– What Photoshop is used for and how to use the software
– Practical exercises for those intending to use Photoshop for work e.g. creating a postcard, and designing a magazine cover
– The different tools and features available in Photoshop
– Photo re-touching, adjusting the levels in photos, sharpening images, converting them to black & white, etc.

– Manipulating images into different tones e.g. sepia
– How to use various tools including the healing brush, clone / stamp tool, magnetic lasso, crop nd more
– The purpose of ‘Layers’ and how they help graphic designers create logos and more very easily
– Masks and channels
– Adding text to images and changing the font

The Diploma in Adobe Photoshop is written so that you not only understand the fundamentals of using Photoshop, but so you also learn how to practically apply what you have learnt and begin take your skills right up to the intermediate-advanced level if you want to!

Course may lead to these career paths:
– Graphic designer
– Website designer
– Advertising manager, marketing manager
– Photographer e.g. travel photographer, wedding photographer, portrait & model photographer
– Business owner or entrepreneur

Course is written for Adobe Photoshop CC but also applicable for older versions. Photoshop is not required to complete the course, but is helpful if you wish to attempt the practical exercises. A 30 day trial is usually available for free from Adobe’s website.

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost. Students must complete a disclaimer.

Section 1Starting with Adobe Photoshop
Section 2Basic Photo Manipulation Techniques
Section 3Doing Selections in Photoshop
Section 4All About Layers
Section 5All About Masks and Channels
Section 6Types in Photoshop
Section 7Exercises
Section 8Project Exercises (Optional)
Section 9Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 1
Lecture 9Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 1
Section Quiz
Section 10Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 2
Lecture 10Adobe Photoshop – Quiz 2
Section Quiz