Diploma In Adobe Illustrator

TypeOnline Course
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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Adobe Illustrator is one of the leading software packages for creating graphics, designs and print material.

In addition to this, Adobe Illustrator is now required by most marketing and graphic design jobs, as well as related sales, personal assistant and administrator roles. Many business owners also use Illustrator to design graphics – such as creating logos, artwork, patterns, designs and the like.

Following completing this course, you’ll be able to create amazing vectored images, use the pen tool and its advanced features, selections, shapes, free transformations, color swatches, brushes, symbols and more. Suitable for Beginner – Intermediate level.

Our course includes excellent guides, together with practical exercises including – you’ll be able to

• Create high quality, general graphics and vectors
• Be able to create a logo for a business or similar organisation
• Edit, manage and design graphics for yourself , an employer or a similar working environment

Potential Career Paths This Course May Lead To:
•Advertising account manager
•Marketing manager
•Creative director
•Graphic designer
•Business owner, consultant, self-employed designer

You’ll be guided by our professionally written course that covers the basics up to the most advanced features and within just a few days you’ll be grasping and enjoying everything Illustrator has to offer.

Software: Free 30 day trial of Illustrator may be available from Adobe’s website.

Course content may relate to an earlier version of the software.

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost.

Section 1Getting started with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
Section 2Making Selection & Aligning
Section 3Working with Shapes & Transforming Objects
Section 4Working with Pen/Pencil tool & Color/Painting
Section 5Working with Layers and Applying Effects
Section 6Working with Type and Brushes
Section 7Working with Symbols
Section 8Project Files
Section 9Quiz: Adobe Illustrator
Final Quiz