15 Aug 2020

MYOB Essentials Course Online


MYOB Essentials Course Launched

In response to Xero’s cloud accounting software, MYOB had launched a competitive product, entitled MYOB Essentials. It was originally known as MYOB Live Accounts – before a name change.

MYOB Essentials is browser based cloud accounting software. In essence, many of its features are similar to those of Xero.

MYOB Course Now Available

What’s even more interesting is that the cost of this program is about half that of Xero. In most countries you’ll spend about $23 a month, as opposed to $49 a month for Xero. MYOB Essentials includes invoicing features.
Auckland College is excited to now have its MYOB Essentials Course launched, which provides the community with a new opportunity to learn this important accounting tool kit.

The course is typically conducted online, and is an excellent alternative to learning Xero.

Course manager Jeremiah Reid says “MYOB Essentials is going to continue to be a strong product. The MYOB brand is very large, and many businesses continue to trust it.”
What’s more is that MYOB Essentials is a handy browser based accounting software piece. So it will appeal to the likes of many small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Reid explains “features that Xero normally charges double for are in there. Like extensive invoicing.”

MYOB Essentials Tutorial

The course uses a mixed method approach to teach the program that includes
-Video tutorials
-Written course book
-Practical exercise workbook
-Quiz questions
-Ideas to try

“We’ve also gone the extra mile with bank reconciliation training, which will be very helpful for both accounting experts, and those new to accounting.”

The online course is available immediately.

Classroom courses are expected to begin later in the year.

Auckland College is also offering MYOB AccountRight courses, which is MYOB’s more complete, though more challenging, accounting package.