Why You Need To Take An Academic Course In Sales
15 Mar 2018

Why You Need To Take An Academic Course In Sales


Learning by doing. That’s how they describe the process of getting familiar with Linux.Until now, this offbeat niche in the technology industry has been largely unstructured – the domain of bonafide techies who couldn’t be bothered with Windows or Mac.

There are a number of other fields that are just as unstructured and where real world practice is where you should ideally focus your efforts. One such area is that of sales.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from taking a proper sales course first. Think about it: formal qualifications will help you earn much more than you think too.This is for the simple reason that the sales process needs to be remembered while each step has certain things that the learner should keep in mind.

Understanding the Sales Process

A lot is studied about the customer when you take a sales course. After all, your objective is to convince them to buy a product or service, right?

But how do you know whether they are ready to listen to you? Have you considered their needs at all?

Are there signals that can indicate when it’s time to make that pitch? Or when it’s time to wait too?

Let’s understand that it is only when a customer finds your product or service meeting a want, interest or need, it is then they decide to move forward with a purchase.

Rushing them until they reach this point can mean that you push away a certain sale.

Put yourself in their shoes by role-playing as a customer: would you like it if someone forced you to buy a product before you were ready?

Of course not.

What I’m trying to say is that there is a stage at which they intend to buy. Before that, one might have to collect information about the customer, consider whether they might qualify as a prospective customer and so on and so forth. All of this takes patience and time.

This is where an academic course will walk you through each step from prospecting to closing and what must be ideally done during each of these steps too.

As mentioned earlier, rushing the prospective customer can be an error that you don’t want to make and without the knowledge that an academic course can offer you, this is more likely to happen than otherwise.

While acquiring product knowledge is really something that you might need to obtain on your own, looking for new customers, intelligence gathering, needs assessment, presentation, closing and follow up are all clear steps that require you to do different things.

Following this process, which will be described in a course, will yield maximum result and which will translate to more money for you.

In Closing

Of course, just like any skill-oriented position, you need to get your feet wet. For this, you will have to get some experience as a salesman in the real world.

Yet without the knowledge that a sales course offers, the process to being skilful in sales is twice as harder than you can imagine.

So, are there any reasons why you should study a sales course? How has taking such a course helped you?

Feel free to mention this in the comments section below.